terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2007

Martin Amis escreve sobre o 11/9

Imperdível o texto "9/11 and the cult of death", do escritor Martin Amis, (foto) que saiu hoje no Times de Londres. Bom para ser traduzido e publicado por algum jornal ou revista daqui. Um trecho que eu destacaria: "(...) we may compare radical Islam with the thanatoid political movements we know most about, namely Bolshevism and Nazism (to each of which Islamism is indebted). Of the many affinities that emerge, we may list, to begin with, some secondary characteristics. The exaltation of a godlike leader; the demand, not just for submission to the cause, but for utter transformation in its name; a self-pitying romanticism; a hatred of liberal society, individualism, and affluent inertia (or Komfortismus); an obsession with sacrifice and martyrdom; a morbid adolescent rebelliousness combined with a childish love of destruction; “agonism”, or the acceptance of permanent and unappeasable contention; the use and invocation of the very new and the very old; a mania for purification; and a ferocious antiSemitism."
PS: Recordar é viver. O primeiro post da vida deste blog foi sobre esta ótima reportagem que Amis escreveu a respeito da indústria de filmes pornográficos.

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