quarta-feira, 18 de julho de 2007

O planeta da malária

Reportagem da National Geographic mostra que, em 2007, 500 milhões de pessoas pegarão malária no mundo – sendo que para um milhão delas, a doença será fatal. Leia trecho: "We live on a malarious planet. It may not seem that way from the vantage point of a wealthy country, where malaria is sometimes thought of, if it is thought of at all, as a problem that has mostly been solved, like smallpox or polio. In truth, malaria now affects more people than ever before. It's endemic to 106 nations, threatening half the world's population. In recent years, the parasite has grown so entrenched and has developed resistance to so many drugs that the most potent strains can scarcely be controlled." Assustador.

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