segunda-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2008

Os bastidores do suicídio do MySpace

Mais uma sugestão de leitura: a longa reportagem "Friend Game -- Behind the online hoax that led to a girl’s suicide", sobre a morte de Megan Meier, publicada na mais recente New Yorker. Algum jornal (ou mesmo a Piauí) poderia publicar em português. O tema interessa aos pais, acho. Um trecho: "A year earlier, Megan had committed suicide after an exchange of hostile messages with a boy who had befriended her on MySpace. She was thirteen, a volleyball player and a Chihuahua maniac. (...) The “MySpace Suicide Hoax” tagline that appeared on the broadcasts and in the chat rooms was, however, a misnomer. Megan’s suicide — for anyone who had not already heard, or been forwarded, the story (often with a stunned “OMG”) — had not been a hoax; rather, it was precipitated by a hoax, involving a boy named Josh Evans. Josh Evans was a fake, a cyber-character created by neighbors of the Meiers."

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