segunda-feira, 17 de março de 2008

"The State of The News Media 2008"

Saiu hoje o relatório "The State of News Media 2008", um trabalho do Project for Excellence in Journalism. Diz respeito ao mercado americano, mas quem trabalha com jornalismo/mídia deve ler, já que as questões lá e cá são são semelhantes, até certo ponto. O cenário parece pior que o do ano passado. "More and more it appears the biggest problem facing traditional media has less to do with where people get information than how to pay for it -- the emerging reality that advertising isn’t migrating online with the consumer," escrevem os autores. "The crisis in journalism, in other words, may not strictly be loss of audience. It may, more fundamentally, be the decoupling of news and advertising." Alguns trechos do capítulo "Major Trends":

"News is shifting from being a product — today’s newspaper, Web site or newscast — to becoming a service — how can you help me, even empower me?"

"A news organization and a news Web site are no longer final destinations."

"The prospects for user-created content, once thought possibly central to the next era of journalism, for now appear more limited, even among “citizen” sites and blogs."

"Increasingly, the newsroom is perceived as the more innovative and experimental part of the news industry."

A Associated Press fez matéria sobre o assunto: "Web has unexpected effect on journalism".

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